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The authorization 3-body problem

Designing an effective authorization system requires understanding the interactions and tradeoffs between the three main components: the PEP, PDP, and PIP.

May 10th, 2024

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Internet Identity Workshop 38: a retrospective

The two big themes at IIW 38 were Verifiable Credentials and Authorization. This retrospective provides my personal highlights of the conference.

Apr 23rd, 2024

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How ReBAC helps solve data filtering

Data filtering based on roles or permissions is an important use-case for application developers. Find out how your authorization system can help!

Apr 12th, 2024

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Modern application authorization: Insights from the trenches

Umbrella Associates co-founder Sebastian Rohr and Aserto CEO Omri Gazitt discuss the challenges of building a fine-grained, policy-based authorization system at Siemens using a few different OSS projects, and how Topaz provides a unified open source solution that addresses all these challenges.

Apr 3rd, 2024

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Product pulse #7 - Authorization Templates and Directory Assertions

The Aserto team has been hard at work improving Topaz and the Aserto SaaS platform. We’re excited to share a few of the new product features, including authorization templates and assertions. Let us know what you think!

Mar 29th, 2024

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Authorize like GitHub: A real-world example of fine-grained authorization

GitHub is a familiar example of a sophisticated, fine-grained authorization model. GitHub's model includes roles, organization-wide permissions, and nested teams. Read on to learn how to model GitHub's permission system with Topaz.

Mar 21st, 2024