Fine-grained ABAC for cloud applications

Grant access based on dynamic attributes.

Attribute-based access control for SaaS applications
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Fine-grained access based on user, resource & environmental attributes

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) refers to the practice of making authorization decisions based on fine-grained attributes. With ABAC you can develop very specific, fine-grained rules that protect your organizational resources.

ABAC policies can be used to make authorization decisions that include user attributes such as department or office, resource attributes such as location, or environmental attributes such as day/time.

Authorize based on dynamic attributes

When roles aren't enough

Evolve your policy from RBAC to attribute-based access control to authorize based on user-centric attributes, resource attributes, and environmental attributes.

Enforce policy against real-time user attributes

Real-time authorization

Attributes about users and resources are synced to the policy decision point in your cloud automatically and in real-time to eliminate the risk of access based on stale data. Enforce policy in milliseconds against the most up-to-date data.

Environment-based access

Environment-based access

Influence both frontend behavior and backend logic based on where a user is logged in from, what region the application is running, or the day/time that an operation is invoked.

Manage policies across applications and microservices with Aserto

Manage policies in one place

Centrally manage policies and decision logs to simplify governance and compliance.

Built upon an open foundation

No lock-in

Built upon an open, cloud-native foundation, which includes Open Policy Agent (OPA), Topaz authorizer, Policy CLI, and many of the ideas in the Google Zanzibar system.


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