Aserto Pricing


For personal projects, open source software, and commercial users evaluating Aserto
FREE forever
50 policy repositories 
100 authorizer instances 
1000 users 
Code repos: GitHub, GitLab 
Identity providers: Auth0 
Community Slack support 


For small teams or early-stage startups that use Auth0 for authentication, and don’t need audit trails of decision logs
Per user/month
Everything in Free, plus: 
Unlimited policy repositories 
Unlimited authorizer instances 
Up to 5000 users 
Shared organizations 
Private slack channel 


For enterprises that want to create an authorization control plane for all of their internal applications
Call us
Everything in Pro, plus: 
Signed policy images 
Self-hosted IDP gateway 
Run in your own VPC 
180-day decision log retention 
24x7 email support