Modern Authorization: The Next Frontier

Identity and access have always been joined at the hip. But, while identity has moved to the cloud, we still don’t have fine-grained, scalable mechanisms for generalizing authorization.

In this on-demand webinar, we review the current state of modern authorization and dive into:

  • The two technical approaches to cloud-native authorization
  • The pros and cons of each approach
  • The vendor landscape and key differences between solutions
  • Related open-source projects

Watch the webinar!

Modern authorization supports fine-grained access, externalizes authorization rules into a policy, and is enforced in real-time.

Fine-grained access

Define access to individual items with Aserto. Support every access model, whether it is based on roles, attributes, policies, relationships, or a combination.

allowed { == "Sales" }
Use any user-centric attributes in your policies

Real-time enforcment

Authorize in milliseconds and with 100% availability with Aserto's distributed systems architecture.

Built on Topaz

Topaz is an open-source authorization project that marries the two approaches to authorization - policy-as-code and policy-as-data. It provides support for RBAC, ABAC, PBAC, and ReBAC.

Topaz OSS authorizer

Modern authorization made simple