Secure access for microservices and APIs

Deliver real-time access control for each microservice with a centrally managed authorization system.

Secure access for microservices and APIs
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Real-time authorization for microservices, with centrally managed policies

Over the past decade, it has become best practice to break down monoliths into smaller microservices, in order to increase agility, reduce surface area in each component, improve scalability, and enhance reuse. Each microservice typically runs in its own container or pod, coupled to its own data model, and largely operates independently of the other microservices in the application.

However, when each microservice is responsible for its own authorization, it becomes difficult to add or change permissions since every service has to adapt to the change. This reduces the agility benefits that the microservices architecture provides in the first place. Aserto enables developers to lift access control logic out of each microservice and manage it centrally, providing a consistent authorization layer across all your microservices.

Real-time microservice authorization

Every microservice makes decisions in real-time

Deliver real-time access control. Locally cached user and resource data in the Aserto sidecar enables access control decisions within milliseconds and at 100% availability.

Authorization based on your resource hierarchy

Model your resource hierarchy

Every domain model is different; model yours in the Aserto Directory. Permissions are based on a graph of your users, attributes, resources, and relationships between them.

Decouple policy development from feature development

Evolve policy independently

Decouple policy development and feature development. Store, version, build, test, and deploy authorization policy separate from your application code.

Move faster with a central hub for all your policies

Increase agility

Manage policy versions, updates, and rollbacks from a central control plane, across every authorizer instance.

Built upon an open foundation

Build on cloud-native, open foundations

Leverage an open-source tool chain and OPA-based authorizer


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