Easily support the demands of enterprise customers

Custom roles, management hierarchies, inherited permission, departments & teams, live in minutes.

Aserto enterprise-grade authorization system
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Enterprise-grade authorization

Support the most complex demands. Easily authorize based on organization structure, departments, teams, projects, environmental attributes, and more.

allowed { input.user.properties.dept == "Sales" }
Use any user-centric attributes in your policies

Organizational-aware access controls

Aserto natively supports management relationships. Easily add the ability for managers to access the digital assets their reports have created.

Aserto organizational aware authorization system

Multi-tenant authorization

Support multi-tenant/account scenarios with ease. Some organizations might want to have different teams or environments in different tenants. Allow users to have permissions across all, or a set of tenants.

Multi-tenant authorization with Aserto

Self-serve custom roles

Every enterprise is different. Let your customers build their own roles and permissions to fit their requirements and organizational structure.

Self-serve custom roles with Aserto

Simplify compliance and audits

Full audit trails. Automatically capture detailed logs for every decision made, along with all the inputs and reasoning. These audit trails can be used for anomaly detection and proof of compliance.

Aserto automated audit trails

Add powerful capabilities to your apps

Just in time access with Aserto

Just-in-time access

Turn access on or off. Support internal teams; provide a support agent with access to customer records once assigned to that customer, and revoke it when that is no longer the case.

Custom product packages

Custom editions

Mix and match features and support custom product packaging. Restrict the features and capabilities that are available to your end-users without deploying the app.

Aserto externalized authorization system

Externalized authorization policies

Decouple authorization logic from code, so that it can evolve without redeploying the application. Externalized policies can also be treated like code, version controlled, tested, and signed.

Application security best practices

Application security best practices

Zero trust and least privilege by nature. Aserto helps you implement best in class security standards with a fine-grained, real-time access control system that defaults to deny.


Authorization as easy as an API call