Fine-grained access control

Easily add flexible, policy-based, real-time access control to your applications

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Model, manage, enforce

Aserto Directory models your users and resource graph

Model: The Aserto Directory models your identities, attributes, and resources as a graph of objects and relationships. Mapping relationships between your organization's objects to policies enables flexible, real-time enforcement across your application. The Aserto Directory is cached at the edge inside each Edge Authorizer to deliver the data driving authorization decisions exactly where it’s needed.


Import your users, and manage their relationships to resources and groups

Connect your IDP as a source of truth for users, roles, and attributes.

Import users and manage their relationships to resources with Aserto Directory

Manage your policy as code, and built it into immutable images

Use a docker-inspired, policy-as-code workflow to build, tag, sign, and deploy your policy images just like container images.

Manage policies as code with a docker-inspired workflow

Enforce in real-time

Deploy Aserto Edge Authorizer(s) close to your application as microservices or sidecars to make access control decisions against real-time data in milliseconds.

Enforce policy against real-time user attributes and resources

Control centrally

The Aserto Control Plane is your central management hub for users and policies and pushes the latest data to the application edge.

Aserto control plane aggregates all of your policies and decision logs

Policies: View and manage access control policies sourced from your container registry in your central management plane. Easily test policies against users in your Aserto Directory. Turnkey decision logs for each policy instance across authorizers provide enhanced compliance and monitoring.

Go live quickly

APIs, SDKs, and quickstarts for most popular languages and frameworks make it easy to integrate Aserto into your tech stack.

APIs, SDKs, and quickstarts for most popular languages and frameworks

End-to-end authorization solution

Aserto hosted authorizers

Edge Authorizers

A simple hosted authorizer for dev/test, and a lightweight edge authorizer for production workloads

Aserto GraphQL Directory models relationships between users, objects, and relations.

Aserto GraphQL Directory

Powerful GraphQL directory for modeling relationships between your users, resources, and attributes.

control plane

A central control plane for managing access control policies for all your apps and services

github workflow

An automated GitOps workflow for building, testing, and deploying policy changes


APIs, SDKs, and quickstarts for popular languages and frameworks

OPA-based authorizers

Edge Authorizers based on OPA

Open source authorizer built on top of Topaz and Open Policy Agent

Native integrations with identity providers

IDP integrations

Native integrations with leading IDPs


Authorization as easy as an API call

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