Scalable RBAC for multitenant SaaS applications

Quickly create real-time role-based access management for your multi-tenant SaaS application.

Role-based access control for multi-tenant SaaS products
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Multi-tenant role-based access control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) describes the practice of aggregating discrete application permissions into a small set of roles, and assigning those roles to users or groups. Multi-tenant SaaS applications must ensure that these roles are scoped to a particular tenant, or set of tenants.

Aserto provides out-of-the-box support for this scenario. Users or groups can be assigned roles scoped to a single tenant, a set of tenants, or across all tenants. If you support a resource hierarchy under the tenant structure (teams, projects, lists, or folders) you can easily extend your authorization model to cover fine-grained access.

Grant access based on custom roles and groups

Go beyond simple roles

Create permissions within, and across each tenant. Grant access based on custom roles and group information.

Real-time authorization with Aserto

Enforce in real-time

Authorize using local user and resource data, within milliseconds and at 100% availability.

Model policy on your domain model

Model your resource hierarchy

Base your policies on your unique domain model to enforce multi-tenant role-based access control that is tailored to your business.

allow custom roles

Custom roles

Allow your customers to add custom roles that map to your permissions.

Influence frontend and backend behavior

Control more than access

Create policies that control access and influence frontend behavior, like hiding sections or fields.

Evolve your policy to ABAC or ReBAC with Aserto

When RBAC isn't enough


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