The fastest-path to fine-grained access control for apps of any scale

We make it easy for developers to secure access to their cloud apps.

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Evolve your authorization model to support the principle of least privilege with fine-grained access

Make authorization decisions based on your users, groups, domain model, resource hierarchy, and relationships between all of these.

allowed { == "Sales" }
Use any user-centric attributes in your policies

Enforce locally using real-time data

Make authorization decisions locally using real-time data in milliseconds and with 100% availability.

Manage policies in one place

Define and manage policies across your application/s from one central location.

Manage all of your policies from one place

Focus on what matters

Spend more time shipping core features and less time building access control.

Spend more time shipping core features

Decouple policy from code

Allow policy and code to evolve independently, streamlining the interaction between security and engineering.

Decouple policy from application code

Create a secure software supply chain for your policies

Store and version your policy code in a git repo, just like any other code. Build, tag, and sign your policies into immutable images, just like any other application artifact.

Secure the entire policy lifecycle

Works with what you have

Native support for popular identity providers, artifact registries, logging systems, and source code repositories make integration a breeze.

Aserto is stack and cloud agnostic

Easy to integrate

Get up and running quickly using our Quickstarts, gRPC / REST / graphQL APIS, or our SDKs for popular languages and frameworks, including Node.js, Golang, Python, .Net, Ruby, and React.

const { jwtAuthz } = require("@aserto/aserto-node") const checkAuthz = jwtAuthz({ ... }) // ... app.get("/protectPath/:param", checkJwt, checkAuthz, async (req, res) => { ... } )

No lock-in

Built upon an open, cloud-native foundation, which includes Topaz, Open Policy Agent (OPA), Policy CLI, and many of the ideas in the Google Zanzibar system.

No vendor lock in with Aserto

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