Fine-grained access control at DeveloperWeek Cloud

Aug 22nd, 2022

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DeveloperWeek Cloud

We’re thrilled to announce that Aserto is sponsoring DeveloperWeek Cloud! Meet the team in Austin on September 7th and 8th, or virtually on September 13th & 14th.

Grab a free OPEN ticket on us (50 available, first come first served), which can be used in person or virtually!

Access control is becoming a hot topic. Google’s Zanzibar paper and the Open Policy Agent project have emerged as focal points in the Identity and Access Management community. Companies such as Intuit, Airbnb, Netflix, Carta, and others have described the architectural challenges surrounding authorization at scale, securing microservices, and the solutions they’ve built internally to address them. But what can the rest of us learn from their implementations?

Join Aserto Co-Founder & CEO Omri Gazitt at DeveloperWeek Cloud on September 8th at 2 PM central to find out. Learn about popular cloud application access control use cases and challenges and a few practical tips for adding fine-grained, policy-based, real-time access control to your cloud-native applications.

If you can’t make it in person, you can catch our talk on September 14th from 2:30 pm – 3:25 pm EST.


Omri Gazitt
September 8th
2 pm – 2:25 pm EST
Live in Austin, TX

Roie Schwaber-Cohen
September 14th
2 pm – 3:25 pm EST

Attending DeveloperWeek and want to grab a coffee with the Aserto team? Find a time to chat!

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Mustafa Branch

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