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May 18th, 2022

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KubeCon+CloudNativeCon EU this week, Aserto will demonstrate how to design authorization into cloud-native applications from the start
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Seattle & Valencia, Spain, 18 May 2022 - Aserto, the solution for modern authorization, today announces its ”better together” approach to authorization. By bringing together OPA, OCI, and Sigstore, Aserto enables organizations to achieve an end-to-end policy-as-code solution using three trusted open source projects. At KubeCon+CloudNativeCon EU this week, Aserto will demonstrate how to design authorization into cloud-native applications from the start, and meet enterprise customer expectations.

Aserto is reinventing Auth: instead of focusing on user login and authentication, our modern authorization platform makes it easy for software developers to define, enforce, and evolve what users are permitted to do inside their applications. Aserto is built on trusted OSS projects and enables developers to build  RBAC or ABAC in under a day for any language or framework.

“For new SaaS applications, designing for multi-tenancy is a given. But as critical as it is to the success of a SaaS application, everywhere we look, access control seems to be an afterthought,” states Omri Gazitt, CEO of Aserto. “As a consequence, almost every SaaS vendor we’ve talked to has needed to reinvent their permissions and roles, often more than once. Aserto offers the fastest path to enterprise-grade authorization.”

Better together

Aserto delivers an end-to-end Cloud Native policy-as-code solution empowering a better together approach to policy workflows.

  • Sigstore/cosign: Signing and verifying signatures for policy image layers brings the value of Cosign and Sigstore to the OPA ecosystem.
  • OCI: Formalizing a media type for OPA containers creates another valuable use case for the OCIv2 image format. With the OSS Policy CLI, built by Aserto - developers can build, tag, push, and pull policy images into any OCIv2-compatible registry, following a similar workflow to the one they use for docker images.
  • OPA: Packaging OPA policies using the OCI container format enables developers to tag, version, add metadata, and sign layers of a policy, much like any OCI container. Today, The CNCF Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine can also consume policy images built using the Policy CLI and stored in a container registry such as OPCR or GitHub Container Registry.

Cloud Native application developers can leverage an end-to-end CNCF ecosystem to streamline policy definition, enforcement, and evolution with Aserto.

The Aserto team will be demonstrating their approach during their physical and virtual presence at the KubeCon+CloudNativeCon event in Valencia, Spain this week, 18th May-20th May, at booth SU3 and online at

About Aserto

Aserto is a powerful and flexible enterprise authorization-as-a-service platform built to evolve with the requirements of your enterprise customers. Built around established cloud native, open-source technologies like OPA and OCIv2, Aserto handles all the heavy lifting required to achieve secure, scalable, high-performance RBAC and ABAC. The GitOps-centric workflow enables developers to manage fine-grained policies like other critical application code. Aserto integrates with any identity provider and is incredibly easy for developers to implement, with quickstarts, SDKs, and REST / gRPC APIs for popular languages and frameworks such as node.js, Golang, Python, .Net, and React.

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