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Principal frontend engineer

At Aserto, we want to help every SaaS application become a great enterprise application.

A big part of being a great enterprise application is having a great authorization system. But today, authorization is broken. We founded Aserto to fix it.

We believe the JAMStack will become the predominant application development paradigm of the 2020’s, and creating adaptable experiences based on who the user is will become a standard and critical part of any application design.

We’re hiring a Principal Front-end Engineer to architect our front-end, and just as importantly, help create the front-end framework and components for easily wiring authorization into JAMStack applications written in React, Vue, Next, Nuxt, Angular, Gatsby, and any other popular client-side technology.

As our ideal candidate, you’re an expert user of, and contributor to, the front-end stack (Yarn, webpack, Babel, SCSS, JSX, GraphQL); a master of state management patterns like Redux, RTK, React Context; an avid learner of new frameworks; and are passionate about advancing the state of the art in front-end development. Not only do you enjoy building excellent user experiences, but you also thrive on designing great developer experiences, and solving problems once so that others don’t have to keep solving them. You love open-source and being part of a thriving developer community and understand that strong businesses enable great enduring communities.

What do we mean by “Principal”? You clearly have significant experience building web front-ends as well as front-end frameworks and tools in professional environments, while working for SaaS and/or developer-centric companies. Experience and education matters, and you’ve clearly got both. But code talks even more. Show us what you’ve built!

We look for people who are humble, hungry, empathetic, and continuous learners. Aserto was born during the pandemic, and we have a remote-first culture… but we can’t wait until we can bring the company together in semi-annual global events.