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Head of Developer Relations

At Aserto, we want to help every SaaS application become a great enterprise application.

A big part of being a great enterprise application is having a great authorization system. But today, authorization is broken. We founded Aserto to fix it.

For us, everything starts with developers. We want Aserto to be the tool that developers reach for when they build Authorization into their applications, whether it’s their next weekend project, or the next iteration of the authorization experience for the SaaS vendor they work for.

Like Rails was in its day, the developer experience for Aserto must make the simple things easy, but be flexible enough to accommodate sophisticated scenarios. It values convention over configuration, but allows developers to “code to the metal” when necessary. And it should be inviting to developers no matter what language or framework they use. We need idiomatic language SDK’s, samples, quickstarts, sandboxes, and playgrounds so that developers can fall into the “pit of success” building their next authorization experience using Aserto.

In addition, the success of any new developer technology involves a bunch of hard work driving awareness through blogs, newsletters, podcasts, meetups, (virtual) conferences, and events. It requires deep connectivity and contributions into the communities that matter (JAMStack, OPA, Auth0), as well as creating our own community to support our own practitioners.

We’re hiring a Head of Developer Relations to spearhead all of these things. As our ideal candidate, you have proven experience leading evangelism, content engineering, and/or developer experience for a great developer product. You deeply understand bottom-up, developer-led go-to-market strategies. You thrive on taking something from zero to one, but also know what it takes to succeed at scale. You’re comfortable in an early-stage environment and are excited by “getting your hands dirty” writing samples / docs / articles, but are even better at building a team of exceptional developer advocates and driving it strategically.

Our immediate areas of focus are on code and content - writing samples and SDKs, blog posts that convey our point of view, and are relevant to our communities of interest. You are the kind of person that loves speaking at meetups, virtual conferences, and spreading our message. Longer term, we want to cultivate our own community, and as our ideal candidate, you’ll help us transition from contributing to other communities into building up our own.

We look for people who are humble, hungry, empathetic, and continuous learners. Aserto was born during the pandemic, and we have a remote-first culture… but we can’t wait until we can bring the company together in semi-annual global events.